My name is Donna and Natural Beauty & Living originated from my desire to encourage and nurture my body through mindful beauty and intentional living. Natural Beauty & Living is about recognizing that beauty is cultivated from the inside out. It started with my want to be conscious about what I put in and on my body, as well as my family’s. From there it has grown to be a passion. I believe in a balanced life; I enjoy living clean, but understand it is impossible to avoid all toxins. My degrees are in English/Professional Writing and Communication Leadership. This blog is a vehicle and culmination of my love for writing and all things natural beauty related.

If you haven’t gotten to know me through the pages of this blog or if it’s your first time reading, here is a little about me and the blog:

  • In my natural living journey for skincare, personal, home and health I only use what I trust and know works. I will never post a natural product that I do not believe in or has not impressed me with ingredients or results.
  • I will review products that I believe that my readers will enjoy and that they can simply implement into their own routines.
  • I will show you that living naturally can be simple and it is attainable with a healthy balance.
  • I will post various recipes to inspire others to make some of their own products at home.
  • I am oil obsessed. I use my essential oils for everything and anything. I am happy to help my readers understand and learn about essential oils and support them if they want to venture onto their own essential oil path.
  • I love a good dry shampoo. It is an absolute necessity if you are a mom. I am always delighted to help anyone get started on a great hair care routine.
  • Overall, I am a wife, mom, writer, reader, art lover, traveler, fashion addict and a clean beauty product junkie who sometimes likes to dapple in interior design. I am a lot like you— a mom doing her best to live life to the fullest while multi-taking and trying to raise good little people. Most days my hands are full (and possibly laundry-ridden) but if my hands are full, my heart is even fuller.

Thank you for being here. My hope is I will inspire you to live a more natural life and you will join and support me on my mission.