Last month, I tried something a little different.

I asked my readers, friends, and customers if they wanted to learn a little more about natural beauty through a virtual eClass.

I love Facebook and the beautiful connections it provides, but I was noticing that people were missing out on free online classes because there was just too much noise, not enough time (enter scrolling mindlessly through Facebook wondering why they jumped on to begin with), or just literally couldn’t find the class event’s page.

So, I changed it up with an eClass. I did a brief e-mail once a day to everyone who expressed interest.  It was a fun, new way to interact with people.

And, I want to share some of it with you! Here is a brief rundown (or maybe I should call it a cliff-note version of what the class was about).  It went into much more detail, and I am happy to share the detailed version if you have an interest in taking the class.  Reach out to me, I’ll hook you up!

First off, did you know that the average woman puts 515 synthetic chemicals on her body every day without realizing it?  It’s true—this quote was taken directly out of a Huffington Post article.  If you know me here, you know, my whole purpose is to shine light on this topic.

Here are some not-so-fun facts about products we use daily:

  • About 1,400 harmful chemicals have been banned from personal care products in Europe. The US has only banned 30, 19 of which were banned as recently as 2016.
  • Companies in the US are not required to test their personal care products for safety nor are they required to list contaminants on their ingredient labels.
  • 1 in 13 women and 1 in 23 men use personal care products that expose them to known or probable human carcinogens every day.
  • The average US woman uses 12 personal care products a day, containing 168 different chemicals.
  • Women with higher levels of personal-care chemicals in their bodies experienced menopause two to four years earlier than women with lower levels. (Hello, endocrine disruptors!)

My goal: It’s not to scare you, but help you understand that you are the gatekeeper of your body.  What you put on your body, goes into your body. It’s a concept that many people haven’t thought about.

I wrote before about the Savvy Minerals kit here, so if you missed it you can check out. It is a great introduction into the clean make-up scene.

In the class, I go over the difference between hydrate and moisturize.  Do you know the difference? I have a theory after researching and training in the beauty for the past few years.

Then, I go into what makes you different, makes you beautiful.  It is the same for this line.  Though it may be a mineral (powder) based make-up, the misting spray helps it to glide on like a liquid foundation. See how I did that…the misting spray makes this line different.  No other mineral make-up lines have that! It’s a pigment and particle controlling mist that adheres the make-up to your face flawlessly. And, a bonus is it smells amazing with rose being one of the key ingredients.

After, I go through the whole kit piece by piece and I share some of my very favorite clean beauty products that aren’t all Young Living. All products I love, and have used repeatedly.

In the Savvy Minerals kit there is a bottle of lavender. Some people have asked me why. Let me explain.

Lavender is a powerhouse in the beauty world. Lavender is the all-encompassing oil for beauty lovers.  It soothes the skin, it supports healthy hair growth and makes skin glow from within.  It does so much more for sleep support and calming, and if you are interested in the rest of the its benefits, please reach out to me and I will be happy to share.

For the sake of time and length, I am zeroing in on beauty uses.  For some inspiration here are a few of the ways that I use lavender.

↣ I put a drop in my mascara to support healthy lashes.  This works so well.  I will always, always do this because of the benefits that I have seen for myself.

↣ I put a drop for each ounce of shampoo and conditioner I have in my bottles.  Again, supports healthy hair and I have seen such an improvement with my own hair and scalp.

↣ Mermaid hair spray. This is a DIY that I do to support my hair growth and strength.  I put lavender, cedarwood, rosemary and orange in a glass spray bottle and fill the rest up with water and spray it on my roots every night before I go to bed.  ~And I know the question you are thinking – Does it make your hair oily? – No, it doesn’t, but it sure makes it smell pretty and promotes its health.

↣ Any skin irritation? I put a little lavender on it to calm it down.

Why should you want to take this class? 

To open your mind up to the possibly that what you have been using may be part of the problem…so you feel confident and comfort in your decisions from here on out. That you learn something new.  Our skin is our largest organ!

And, it is free. Learning for free, you can’t beat that!

Makeup should never be used to hide yourself.  It should be used to enhance your natural beauty. I’m happy I have found lines to do just this!

Reach out to me. I am here for lifestyle guidance, mentorship, and so much more.

Need this ultra-natural and silky-smooth make-up in your life now go there.

Have questions, no problem…ask away. Fill out the info under the blue box and I will be in touch with you shortly.

[ Full disclosure: As well as using all my Savvy and other clean beauty products, I use my oils daily to support our lives. Because life happens and oils support our wellness and emotions, as well as using chemical free products in our home.  It took me over a year to switch the house over slowly, as I could afford it and I am probably just like you— A wife. A mom. A business owner. A friend. A sister. A daughter. A leader. A human being.

To be honest, both the oils, as well as the business opportunity that Young Living provided me, have completely changed my life. I went from feeling exhausted from the daily grind of life, and spending way too much time behind my screen writing for other people…to feeling inspired, fulfilled, rejuvenated and mentoring a team of amazing ladies on the magic of Essential Oils. Instead of endless hours of clients and writing on topics that I didn’t enjoy, I now get to connect with families and help them create a life of health and abundance through the magic of plants. From my house (when my kiddos are in school and then I can be present with them every afternoon). If you want me to explain more about that, shoot me an e-mail or a pm on my blog Facebook and I will respond to you!]

This class natural beauty class is only available for a short amount of time and I would love you to get all the tips and tricks I can offer. I have plans to be making at least 4 of these classes a year, so jump on it while you can.  Have a great one, friends!