Whether your go-to look for the holiday season is comfortable plaid and wool, or a fancier velvet and sparkles, there is no better time to take a break from that everyday look then go to a holiday party.  Even if you like to stay on the more casual side of the season, dressing up your make-up is fun and it doesn’t require too much prep.

All the products that I am mentioning are ones that I have used repeatedly, and they are clean.  No need to let any toxins in on your good, clean fun. Considering we can absorb up to 5 pounds of chemicals into our body, per year from daily cosmetic and skincare use, now, more than ever it’s time we take charge of our routines and what make-up we are putting on our skin.

Advice for getting yourself in the holiday beauty spirit: Consider ditching your everyday lip balm, lip gloss or paler shades of lipstick for a nice rich lip or make a smoky eye. No matter which way you choose, it all starts with getting your ‘glow on’ with some great make-up choices.

Here are some of my favorite clean recommendations for this holiday season:

Hynt Beauty Concealer in Medium: This has been one of the cleanest, best-working natural concealers I have found.  It covers blemishes, uneven skin, and under-eye circles.  It really works.  I put some on my eyelids as an eye shadow base, as well.  I like to put my concealer on before I apply foundation.  I don’t know, it just seems like the logical way to apply make-up to me. Some people apply foundation and then concealer.  Do what works best for you. As it states above, I am the shade medium, and I have a light/medium skin tone.

Au Naturale Super Fine Powder Eye Shadow in Ballet, Dark Opal, Lace: These are the three colors that I use the most.  Ballet is a soft mauve with a little bit of lavender undertones.  It works well as an everyday natural shadow.  When I dress up, I like to layer it with Dark Opal, which is a dusty pearlescent cranberry rose.  It gives a little more color in the creases and more pigment. I use Lace has a highlighter.  I put Lace under my eyebrows to bring my eyes out.  Lace is a luminous ivory with very subtle pink undertones. I use this every day, so it is not just for fancy occasions.

Jane Iredale Eye Pencil: I use the color black.  This pencil is so smooth and just glides on.  A little tip: I line the water line under my top eye lashes, then I go on top of my lash line (on my eyelid) and line there too.  It gives the look of longer eye lashes.  I have been doing it for years and I can tell when I don’t do it. I use this eye liner for everyday as well as dress up.

Lily Lolo Mascara: Hands down still my favorite clean mascara.  I love how this lifts and separates the lashes but also builds volume after two coats.  I add a drop of lavender, cedarwood and rosemary to it to condition and strengthen my lashes.  I haven’t found another non-toxic mascara that I have liked as much as this one, and adding my oils makes it smell divine.

EcoBrow in Penelope: I have been using this little pot for well over a year.  They have hues for every hair color.  My thoughts on brows are that they frame the face, and make the face.  With that said, (and even though I have thicker eyebrows and don’t need to fill them in), I feel so much more put together when I have put my EcoBrow on.

Jane Iredale Glow Time Mineral BB Cream: I wear the color BB6.  This make-up lasts forever.  It is so generously portioned.  This has a medium to full coverage. It is build-able.  I use a very little bit of it, and it goes a long way.  Seriously good at concealing your skin’s imperfections and giving it one even tone.

Tica Baked Blush in Honeybell and Nectar: I was introduced to this line by one of my favorite bloggers over at Thirty Something Fashion.  I honestly have been using a little of each of these colors and mixing them together.  It depends on the day and what I am wearing.  Plus, I don’t contour often at all.  So, I use these blushes to do it for me and at the same time give me a healthy glow.  I love make-up that is versatile.

RMS Rose Luminizer:  I like more of a medium matte finish for my make-up.  I don’t like complete matte and I don’t like complete dewy—I fall somewhere in the middle.  That is why this is perfect for me.  It gives me a little bit of light, dewy glow just where I like it.  I put this on the highest point of my cheekbones and right above my top lip for a little extra glow. The formulation is something that I like too.  It’s not a liquid, it has a creme consistency, and I tend to have a lighter hand when it isn’t a liquid.

Jane Iredale Lip Pencil in Berry: I use this berry lipliner on the daily.  I love this color.  I put it on lightly underneath my normal everyday neutral colors.  What I love is that is it great for going out too.  You can take it from day to night so easily.  During the day, I blur out the color a little to look more natural, but at night I will leave it as is and add a darker, deeper color lipstick with it.  There aren’t many natural lip liners that I have found I like, but these work as well as conventional by going on smoothly and having lots of pigment.  Sometimes I fill in my lips with this liner too.  It just all depends on my mood.

Young Living Lip Gloss in Maven: This lip gloss.  I don’t love lip gloss and I don’t wear it often, but this lip gloss is starting to slowly change my mind.  It isn’t sticky (which I love) and has a hint of peppermint when you put it on.  It lasts a decent about of time and sometimes I blot it to make it more of a stain.  The color is like a deep berry with cranberry highlights.  Not to dark and not light.  It is the perfect holiday color. Hint: It pairs really well with the Savvy Mineral lipstick Uptown Girl.  Wear the lipstick underneath and the gloss on top.

These are the products I use to get a natural-looking, yet holiday-ish vibe.  You can look beautiful without applying a ton of chemicals to your skin!

And here is the finished look!

Note: All products that are listed above are ones that I have been using for 4 months or longer (over a year or more for some), so you can be sure that they are products that I come back to time and time again because of their great performance.

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Happy Holidays!