Peppermint smells amazing, but did you know that it has many benefits? Peppermint is a daily must-have oil. But before we get into all its uses, let’s talk about how Peppermint feels. The difference between Peppermint and other oils is that it has a cool, tingling sensation right out of the bottle onto the skin. This is great, in general, for a refreshing pick-me-up and for the following uses.

Here are some of the ways I utilize Peppermint:

  1. When the weather is hot, pull out your Peppermint oil and apply some to your temples and back-of-neck. You are going to feel an instant cool down. It’s so revitalizing that you are going to want to have a peppermint bottle in your purse to pull out and use, especially on those crazy, sticky, hot days.
  2. If your tummy feels icky, drop peppermint oil at the bottom of your glass and fill with cold water. This will help to soothe your stomach and give you some comfort. You can also, massage some peppermint on your abdominal area help calm tummy discomfort.
  3. Head Support. Peppermint is one of the best oils to support your head when it just hurts. Place a drop on your finger and place it on the roof of your mouth and hold it there for a few seconds. Another great way to get relief is the rub the oil where the tension is. It could be your temples, the back of neck, over an eye, behind the ears, wherever release is needed.
  4. Support healthy muscles and joints. Rub on any areas where aches and pains occur to aid those zones that are giving you irritation. Think about using peppermint oil after a difficult work-out.
  5. Energy Booster. Rub on shoulders to encourage alertness and for an invigorating lift.

There are various other ways to use this oil. It is a great ingredient in DIY chapstick or body scrubs. Once you try this oil, you will see how many various ways you can use it in your daily routines.

If Peppermint makes you want to walk down the oily path, start here.