Mineral make-up.  I used a conventional mineral make-up for years.  It was expensive (yet worked beautifully), but I noticed after using it for a while that my skin was becoming irritated and I would have unexplainable break-outs. I couldn’t figure it out —

So, I stopped.

Back then, I had no idea about chemicals, fragrance, toxins, parabens—none.  I just remember thinking, “What is going on?”  It was frustrating because I couldn’t pin-point it.

Years later, I learned how I was, quite literally, poisoning my body with all those personal care products and make-up.  You can read a little about my story here. If I had a time machine, I would travel back just to tell myself, “STOP!”

So, I got away from the mineral make-up scene. Especially since a few years ago I switched and ditched all my make-up over to clean beauty. So I haven’t used mineral make-up much at all…

Until this month!

This month Young Living added a new kit to their line-up called Savvy Minerals.  You can get started with this kit, just like you would start with an oil kit, and get a free membership and wholesale prices.

What is Savvy Minerals, you ask? (This link gives you an example of what the kits look like).

It’s mineral make-up that is made with all-natural ingredients and is formulated without any parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, bismuth, talc, synthetic fragrances, or synthetic colorants. And, they are never tested on animals. What does that mean?  There are no cheap fillers or synthetics.  The focus is on purity and safety.

It’s confidence without compromise! The kit comes in four color selections—they are flexible colors and the hues are so natural they pretty much adjust to your skin tone.  The selections are Cool 2 (people with more of a pink skin undertone), Warm 2 (people who have more of a yellow undertone—this is the one I got), Dark 1 (people with a darker olive to light brown skin tone. Tip: this makes a great bronzer color for a sun-kissed look or contouring), and Dark 4 (this is the darkest skin tone shade).

Each kit comes with:

  1. 1 Foundation
  2. 1 Blush
  3. 3 Eye Shadows
  4. 1 Lip Gloss
  5. Misting Spray
  6. Foundation Brush
  7. 5ml Lavender Oil (Add to a drop to your current mascara, ladies, you will thank me)

Picture of the products that come in the starter kit.

All the colors in each kit are coordinated so that they complement the foundation color.  I love not having to think about it!

I will be doing a live on my Facebook page as well as some stories on my Insta account to give tips and tricks on how to use the make-up over the next few weeks.  Also, I will be doing a beauty class online for anyone interested in March…just give me a holler if you want in on it. I will go over how to apply and how to look really natural, as well as glam it up.

Kits are $150 and they include a free membership and 24% off all retail prices on everything you buy Young Living.

Need this ultra-natural and silky-smooth make-up in your life now go there.

Have questions, no problem…ask away. Fill out the info under the blue box and I will be in touch with your shortly.

Also, please follow my journey through everything natural beauty and living here on Insta.

This make-up is so versatile.  And, my personal opinion is it is amazing for everyday wear, as well as moms who don’t have much time or ladies who are not huge make-up wearers.  Warning to those ladies: you might be converted and love the way it feels and looks!