Two years ago, right around this time, was the inception of me taking all that I had read about health and wellness and putting it to use.  Leading my example.  I had always been into a healthy lifestyle, but didn’t realize that some of the products that I was using were contributing to me being unhealthy. Conventional products that I put on my skin, that went into my skin, and added chemicals and toxins into my bloodstream. (You can read more about my personal story here.)

I thought about my food, why had I not thought about my cosmetics and skin care?

Through this epiphany I saw that many ingredients in those conventional products were linked to hormonal disruption (something I struggled with), dermatitis, allergies and so much more.

What did I do?

I dusted myself off after being enlightened and decided to create a mission. That mission is to show that living naturally can be simple and attainable with a healthy balance. As I was overwhelmed and struggled to make good choices, a thought had popped into my head to create a blog for people like me, that felt inundated by kicking those ‘nasties’ to the curb.

Why do I tell you all this?

Because it is a new year!  Let’s start fresh together.  Let’s get healthy together. Let’s clean up that routine.

My goal is to help you find the best performing products that are also the safest.

So, I am hoping this post will make cleaning up your routine easier than ever.  All the products that I review and mention on my blog are always ones that I personally use, and do not contain any of the yuck.  I want clean products that perform flawlessly.  Below is my kick-off to 2018, some of my favorite green and clean products.

  1. Overall Wellness | Young Living Essential Oils: I have always leaned toward homeopathic remedies. When I was introduced to essential oils, I was intrigued, but it took me awhile to move forward and make the purchase!  Looking back, I have no idea why it took me so long.  Using clean, plant-based products to help with:
  • Sleep support
  • Immune support
  • Emotions
  • Hormonal support
  • Keeping my house toxin free
  • Therapeutic – because life happens

It really is a no-brainer.  I am always happy to chat oils and see if they are a fit for you.

  1. Moisturizer | Boswelia Cream: Don’t be afraid that this says wrinkle cream on the package. Even if you don’t have fine lines and wrinkles, this cream has Frankincense and Sandalwood essential oils that moisturize the skin.  I feel that it is important not to just pick a product that moisturizes, but also hydrates the skin.  I find this cream to do that for me.  The Frankincense is great for cell turn-over, while the Sandalwood revitalizes the skin. Perfect for the winter season and cooler, to down-right cold weather.
  2. Eye Cream | Wolfberry Eye Cream and Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream: Yes, I have two and I use coffee bean in the morning and wolfberry at night.
  • Wolfberry Eye Cream is a natural, water-based moisturizer. Containing the antiaging and skin-conditioning properties of wolfberry seed oil, this cream soothes tired eyes and minimizes the appearance of fine lines. It is rich and exactly what I need due to the heat pumping through my house in this cold winter weather. As soon as the heat goes on, I feel like a prune!
  • Coffee Bean Eye Cream is anti-inflammatory, with caffeine rich green tea, while the coffee de-puffs and helps increase circulation to brighten dark circles. Concentrated with potent anti-aging vitamins, antioxidants, and nourishing rosehip oil to make the eye area look more awake and more youthful.
  1. Mascara | Lily LoLo: I wrote a whole review on this mascara here. I am still using this mascara, and I am a mascara girl, so I am extremely picky and will not use just any mascara. It gives me defined lashes, never ever smudges and holds up the entire day.
  2. Hair Care | Monat: I wrote a review on this line here, as well. It gives so much information on the line, and why I like it.  Why is hair care important? Because our scalp can absorb a high percentage of what we are using to wash, condition and style our hair.
  3. Concealer | Hynt Duet Perfecting Concealer: I am going to do a review on this within the next few months, but I have been using this for about 3 months now and love it. It is creamy, yet feels light weight and provides the color correction and full coverage I crave.  It doesn’t dry my skin (major plus in these winter months). And best of all, a little goes a long way.
  4. Lipsticks | Savvy Minerals By Young Living: I wrote a review here on these awesome lipsticks. They are my favorite.  Good ingredients equal good lipstick. Most conventional lipsticks are full of synthetic dyes, parabens, heavy metals and more.  Then we apply them to our lips and proceed to eat and drink, ultimately consuming the toxins. Instead, I use these lipsticks by Young Living.  They are clean and full of plant-power.
  5. Foundation | Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream: I have been using this foundation for over a year. It is portioned so generously and a little goes a long way.  A few drops of this covers my whole face for a nice even, light coverage and you can build to make the coverage as full as you like or need.  I prefer a more flexible, natural looking coverage daily, but it is nice that one bottle can give you both options.  There are other foundations on my “to-try” list that are even cleaner than this one so I am looking forward to testing them out in 2018! Here is a holiday look I made using this foundation.
  6. Perfume | Essential Oils: The dreaded “fragrance” is in all conventional perfumes so it is difficult to find a perfume that fits the bill that you can grab off the store shelf. If you want to know more about this ingredient read all about it here and why to avoid it. I have turned to my essential oils to make my own fragrances. There are so many beautiful scents that are plant-based. —And guess what, the chemical-filled conventional perfumes are trying to mimic those same smells just with chemicals instead of the real thing.  So, pick up one of those beautiful perfume bottles you see in the stores, open it up and put it your favorite essential oils and top with a carrier oil—bam, an amazing, personally made perfume without any harmful ingredients. If you have questions about this reach out to me!
  7. Water | This seems so basic and simple, yet so many people do not drink enough water every day. (Myself included some days!) I’m sure you have heard that water is the driving force of nature.  Friends, water is life!  If we don’t get enough of it each day our skin, hair, and nails can suffer.  I like to drink lots of water when my skin seems to be on the dry side during those cooler months, too.  So, let’s drink up.

These are my top ten ways to start the new year green and clean, but most importantly healthy and full of wellness!

If you have questions about any of the above, I am always happy to chat.

If you are interested in taking on a cleaner footprint; I am here to help you with your wellness goals. Check out my link or contact me by filling out the side bar!

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Note: The links in this post are not affiliate links and I will not receive any compensation if you use the link to purchase these products. I am only sharing what I love, and making it easy for you to shop the items! Young Living products are through me, however, I love sharing them because they are amazing and so good for you!