Since the time I started wearing makeup as a teenager, I was always obsessed with mascara. Even if I didn’t wear any other makeup, mascara was my steadfast.  It was the one product that I came back to time and time again.  If you were to ask me what product I would want to bring on a deserted island with me, without hesitation I would blurt out mascara.

Covergirl was my go-to mascara.  It pretty much stayed that way until after I had kids too.  I bought some department store brands, but I always ended up back at Covergirl.

That is, until I started to look closer at the products I was using and started slowly switching over to clean and green cosmetics. It was fairly easy to find foundations, blushes, lipsticks, glosses, and eyeshadows that were naturally based that I loved, but the one product that took me the longest to make the ditch and switch was mascara.

I’m pretty much a self-proclaimed mascara snob and if it doesn’t work, I won’t use it.  I had this idea for a post awhile back to review the different clean mascaras that I have tried. My goal is to give you my honest and true opinion on each of them.

I know that everyone is not looking for the same performance or look from mascara. I like big, bold, long and full lashes.  Lashes that are natural but will stop someone in their tracks.  The rest of my makeup can be pretty basic and muted, but I want my eyes to stand out. Other people want long and separated lashes, some like natural looking lashes, while others are just interested in them being a little darker.

I think I have found mascara formulas for almost everyone in trying out many, many naturally-based ones. I am going to share some of them with you today.  I’m going to review the first three that I tried (for this post, specifically, as I have been using clean mascara for  years now) and give you all the plus and minuses of them.  Then I will come out with a Part 2 to wrap up the series with the second half that I have tried (and am still in the process of trying).

As always, when I do these posts, they take me months and months to compile so you can be sure that I bought, used, and finished all of these products to give you a complete review.

The mission: I was looking for a bold but natural looking mascara that also contained good ingredients.  Those were the guidelines I had in place. I don’t like mascara that fades, bleeds, flakes, or makes clumps on my lashes.  The problem that I’ve found is that many natural mascaras are not able to stand up to the conventional ones.

My dream:  A mascara that has good ingredients, lasting formula, and can lengthen and volumize all in one!

Since most of the world is in quarantine mode right now, I thought this was the perfect time to write and publish this first piece in this series. Mascara makes me feel human and more pulled together, so I am assuming it does the same for others. While I don’t dislike every aspect of this time that I have been given with my little family; I do dislike that we have a virus on the loose that is making people sick and affecting livelihoods of others. I do appreciate all the individuals in the medical field who are putting their safety on the line each day, as well as the amazing teachers that care so much for our children (and have helped every step of the way in this new homeschooling world). Plus our sweet kids are enduring this unknown world and dealing with it so amazingly. So, with lots of heaviness around, I thought a lighthearted post was in need.  I mean, mascara is a fun product. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and can give you that touch of self-care to help you through the day, especially now in this new self-distancing world we have at the moment.

So with that in mind, let’s see what I found…

  1. 1. Lily LoLo Big Lash Mascara

This mascara has an hourglass brush.  It’s truly a unique style of brush. I like that it seems to pull the lashes out long, yet adds some fullness to them as well. However, you need to make sure that your lashes are 100% dry when you apply this mascara. I found if I took a shower and thought they were dry and applied, it didn’t go on right. Any type of dampness will ruin the application.

This formula is pretty clean.  It’s made with natural and organic ingredients.  It’s vegan. It’s doesn’t have fragrance, silicones, parabens, lead, or harsh chemicals. The formula applies smooth in the beginning.

I found with the formula that it started out really well, but after I few uses it got clumpier. My eyelashes were clumping and separating, and I was having some fall on my cheeks.  I wasn’t getting the big, full lashes I desired. If you aren’t looking for bold lashes then this could work for you. I did look at the website and it said that you could use zigzag strokes from base to tip of lashes to give you a wide feathery look, but I couldn’t get this to work well for me.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, I would give this formula about a 4. Price point is medium (at $22).

Next, I moved on to Fitglow Beauty to try their Vegan Good Lash.

  1. Fitglow Vegan Good Lash Mascara

I’m going to be honest; this mascara is one of my favorites on so many levels. Let me tell you why.

  • It has a pinecone shaped brush that makes your lashes easier to curl and the narrow part of the pinecone makes it easier to get those little lashes in the corners of your eyes.
  • The pinecone brush as dense, spiral bristles. I love this because I feel that it really creates volume and definition. You can layer this mascara and it will give you both length and volume. The absolutely best part though is if you are, I don’t know, quarantined to your house and you want to use this mascara you can put one coat on, and you’ll get a beautiful natural look without using too much product.
  • And this is my favorite above all other reasons—This mascara is not only making you look pretty, it is also working double time. It’s makeup but it’s also skincare all in one! It uses botanical extracts and plant proteins to promote lash growth and health, so it actually works as a lash conditioner/serum as you are wearing it. While you are wearing this mascara your lashes are getting a dose of vitamins and antioxidants to help lashes grow thicker and longer. It also helps prevent breakage.

The price point on this mascara is higher than most (at $38), however I have bought it numerous times the last two years and it never disappoints.

Some key ingredients in this formula:

Vegetable Collagen: To support moisture, fullness and growth.

Organic Horsetail Plant: Rich in silica to support strength and lash health.

Organic Rice Bran Wax: Creates the flexible coating and conditions. It deeply conditions lashes nourishing them while you wear the mascara.

Organic Lupine Protein: Contains essential amino acids. It’s also rich in glutamine and that helps prevent breakage and supports thickness.

It is clean and I love that it has the added benefits of skincare to your lashes.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, I would give this formula about an 8.

Since this mascara was on the more expensive side, and the Lily Lolo was at a medium price point, I wanted to find something that was less expensive to share with you all too—enter Physician’s Formula Organics Mascara.

  1. Physician’s Formula Organics Mascara

I picked this mascara from the drug store line-up, first, because its ingredients were decent by means of a drug store brand (100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin, while 70% are from organic farming) and second, I thought it was a really cool idea to have lash extension fibers inside the formula. I mean, it does sound genius, right?

The brush is rounded, full and rubber-ish. I thought that I would hate it, but I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it gave decent length and fullness. The key is to layer, layer, layer if you are going for more of a bold look. Apply, let slightly (but not fully dry) and then do the next layer and keep going until you get the look you desire.

It’s at a great price point. I’ve seen it between $7-$11 at various places. I thought the formula was pretty decent. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, I would give this formula about a 6. It isn’t amazing but it is pretty good for the price!


One other extra that I would like to include in this Part 1 of The Mascara Haul is that I find wearing a conditioner/primer under your mascara can definitely extend the duration of your mascara and support the health of your lashes. I use this Jane Iredale Pure Lash Extender & Conditioner. I put a coat on before applying my mascara to help strengthen, lengthen, and thicken lashes.

So, that is all for Part 1.  In Part 2, I will be reviewing 3 more clean mascaras and rating them for you.  For me, the Fitglow Vegan Good Lash won out in this haul, but for the price I thought the Physician’s Formula was a good runner up.

I wish you all big, beautiful lashes, even if the only way the outside world sees them is through your Instagram stories.

Much lash love to you! I’m happy to answer any questions you have. Lashes are my lifeline!

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